Plant Bulbs NOW for Spring Blooms

Fall is a great time to begin thinking about spring flowers. October and November are prime bulb planting months in Helena so I would encourage you to order and plant spring flowering bulbs now. Local garden shops also have a great selection of bulbs to choose from. Daffodils are an old favorite, are easy to grow and provide a burst of much needed color after the long months of winter.

Spring Daffodils in Alabama

Spring Daffodils in Alabama

Plant daffodil bulbs in well draining soil in an area that receives a good amount of sunshine. I plant my bulbs 3-4 inches below the surface. Many catalogs advise 5-6 inches but that is really for colder climates.  I add a slow release fertilizer and water in. Sit back and wait for signs of spring.

The Helena Beautification Board will be planting 1,000 daffodil bulbs this fall in the city. Planting days will be Saturday October 25 from 8-12 noon and Saturday November 1. We will meet at the caboose in Old Town and will divide up into groups to begin planting. Gardening experts will be on hand to answer questions and to help everyone get started. We’ll even answer questions about growing bulbs in your own garden. Come out and join us


Coming Soon! The Greatest Southern Gardening Book of All Time!


The revised Southern Living Garden Book will be released in January 2015. Be sure to check it out. You might find the name of a Helena resident you recognize in the credits…..

Originally posted on The Daily South:

Southrn Living Garden Book


Incredibly wise gardeners who bought the last Southern Living Garden Book (above) published in 2004 are always asking me: “When are you going to revise it? A lot has changed in 10 years.” Grumpy has heard your pleas. And he is delighted to announce that an all-new, completely revised edition will set the world on its ear in January 2015!!!

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The Worst Plant in the World


Southern Living’s Grumpy Gardening has a word to the wise

Originally posted on The Daily South:

Chameleon Plant

Photo: www-baumschule-horstmann-de

This plant sure looks pretty, doesn’t it? Kinda like English ivy with kaleidoscopic leaves of red, pink, yellow, and green. It sports pretty white flowers too. DO NOT PLANT IT! If you do, you will be sorrier than Angelina Jolie after she married Billy Bob Thornton.

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5 Reasons to Brake for Roadside Stands


Great post today from the Southern Living Blog on Roadside Stands.

Originally posted on The Daily South:

e9ca54d27ba3b665#7804_7194No region has mastered the roadside stand like ours. From boiled peanuts to sun-ripened peaches to made-to-order po’boys, our highways and byways boast an astonishing variety of just-picked, hand-canned, fresh-caught, hot-fried foods.

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Helena Beautification Award – June 2014


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wade of Townhouse Road, winners of the Helena beautification award.

Blooms in Helena

The roses planted earlier this year in Old Town are now in bloom!


Get Growing Helena – Why Pollinators are Important

Get Growing Helena! Check out this chart of what to plant to attract pollinators to your garden. We would have no flowers or fruit without them….. Read more on this topic from the USDA website:




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